Second Dallas Location Planned for Con Madre Kitchen

Tacos are this Austin-based restaurant’s speciality, and you'll soon have a chance to try one!
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Earlier this month, Austin-based Con Madre Kitchen announced its expansion into Dallas with one location set to open early next year at 2525 Wycliff Ave. Now, a lease for a second location has been finalized.

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Con Madre Kitchen CEO Alfredo Bustinza has confirmed that the second Dallas location will open at 10051 Marsh Ln. sometime in the summer of 2023, possibly in July or August.

The Con Madre Kitchen menu items are made fresh, including the tortillas. The menu features tacos with a variety of fillings from caramelized shrimp and chicken to picadillo and pastor, as well as quesadillas, tortas, nachos, and more.

“Our menu was crafted from the memories we have had together as a family, from barbecues with the whole familia to a simple Sunday breakfast,” Bustinza shared. “One item that has our heart poured into is our ‘El Toreado’ taco.” It features meat, cheese, jalapeno toreado, grilled onions, and guacamole.

Bustinza’s mother Maria Garcia moved from South Texas to Austin in 2003 and later opened a food truck to offer guests dishes that spanned three generations. Con Madre Kitchen currently has two Austin restaurants in operation.

“We have built a family setting with the community at Travis Heights in Austin, Texas,” Bustinza said. “We have seen babies grow into young adults, freshmen grow into graduates with master’s degrees, and to date, we still receive them with open arms and love hearing the stories about that one too many times they were late to class because they just had to come get their Madres Breakfast Burrito,” Bustinza continued.

“More than anything, we are a family, and we would love to emulate the same energy and core beliefs to your communities,” Bustinza told What Now Dallas. “We at Con Madre wish to extend our heritage and family recipes to new undiscovered territories.”

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