Habibi Hookah Lounge and Cafe Planned for Frisco

A variety of Middle Eastern dishes and more will be offered sometime in summer of 2023.
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A new hookah lounge that will operate from morning ‘til night is expected to open near Little Elm, possibly sometime this summer. Habibi Hookah Lounge and Cafe will be located at 14111 King Rd. in Frisco.

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 “It’s completely empty inside. It’s in the shell state,” said Samer Abuaita, owner of Habibi Hookah Lounge and Cafe. “We have to take care of the electrical, the plumbing, and basically fully build it out to open.” It could take three to four months to complete, so he hopes to open sometime in June or July.

“It’s a cafe-style hookah lounge where people can come in, and they can study in the morning, have meetings, do work while drinking some coffee and maybe even getting a hookah,” Abuaita explained.

Abuaita told What Now Dallas that normally, hookah lounges are busy in late afternoon and evening hours. “So, that’s why we’re opening up early in the morning, have a cafe style.” High-end coffee and espresso machines will be available for specialty drinks, and he is applying for a permit to offer alcohol.

The menu will feature a taste of the Middle East including chicken and beef shawarma, kebabs, and Middle Eastern pastries. Finger foods, fries, wings, burgers, and Middle Eastern-style pizzas—Manakish—pizza bread with cheese, herbs, and meat, will also be offered.

“I think it’s a very interesting concept. It’s a very new concept in the city, so I feel like it will bring a lot of attraction.” Guests can enjoy tobacco-based products with various flavors available including mint and double apple.

Abuaita applied for zoning about a year ago, and he is excited about opening Habibi Hookah Lounge and Cafe. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne is a writer, editor, voiceover artist, and author of The Little Book of Hermetic Principles: Heal Your Energy, Seek Enlightenment, and Deepen Your Understanding of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Browne has more than two decades of experience in journalism including in television, radio, magazines, and online publications.
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Marianne A
Marianne A
8 days ago

So excited to finally have a hookah lounge and cafe in Little Elm! Can’t wait to visit when they open! 🙂

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