Brewing Company in Garland to Undergo Renovations

Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery will make repairs and expand footprint.
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Work is expected to begin at Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery in Garland on Friday to repair damage and expand the space. Repairs will include a wall and structure over the stage that was damaged during a winter storm in February.

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Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery owner Cary Hodson told What Now Dallas renovations will also include a kitchen expansion and the addition of two rooftop mezzanines. The additions will increase capacity by 85 seats and make the outdoor space a better venue for music and private events. They will also retro-fit both structures with a sprinkler system.

Hodson hopes to have all of the work completed in about two months, just in time for the fifth annual Garland Guzzler Oktoberfest. “We have 12 or 13 bands come out and will play all day. We make a special beer for it. Plus, it’s just a wonderful time of year to be on a patio in Dallas,” Hodson said.

“The entire square is being renovated. That’s to be complete next August. So, currently, we don’t even have a street in front of our business,” Hodson explained. Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery is located at 507 W. State St. in Garland. “We have the patio closed. We don’t have a street, there are parking issues, so we’re doing everything we can to stay afloat as we come out on the other side,” Hodson continued.

“A shout-out to the Downtown Development Office and the Tax Increment Finance Board for putting together the revitalization program, so we’ve partnered with the city to get a lot of these renovations done in downtown.”

The Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery menu features brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage, and other meats, plus sides. You can try the variety of meats as a plate, sammich, flatbread, or simply a la carte.

“We make some of the world’s best barbecue, I believe, and we craft all of our own beers. We have over 20 taps.” Some brews include Hibiscus Wit, which is a Belgian Wheat, the blonde lager-Helluva Helles, and the Stout Stat.

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